Pissed Off Americans

We live in a world

With an

Extraordinarily high level

Of structure

Made by

Corrupt machines

In a system run by

Financial institution

I’ll have you know

That I am an avid supporter

Of people being

On each other’s level

I’d drink to

The abolition of structure and

The evaluation of the relevance

Of public opinion

Lets sharpen the picture

Just for a moment

Putting life in focus

For the money hungry

Maybe they’ll realize

They’ve made us

Money blind

To the point of apathy

God bless 

The juvenile delinquent

At least she found something 

To believe in

Drinks up for

The man working 70 hours a week

Sleeping in the back of his

Old Ford Pickup Truck

What freedom has offered us

Has become

Comically fraudulent

When analyzed closely 

Piss off the American Dream

Of hardly working

Vitality is the new

Red White and Blue


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