I bought hair bleach today along with some Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink hair color. Not sure when I’m going to use it, but I do plan to use it soon.

I suppose I felt it was time for a change. Just this afternoon, I took a shaver to my head because I couldn’t stand how long my hair was getting on the side as. For those of you who don’t know, I have a particular hair cut that is long at the top of my skull and fairly short around the bottom of my head. Here is a selfie to give you an idea:


(Not the best picture, but I didn’t want to subject you all to the poorer quality selfies I have taken.)

Now, the sides are much shorter. Down to a quarter inch with the to still at a steady 12 inches long curled and about 15inches long straight. Not much of a change I know, but enough to calm my restlessness. Many women often do things to their hair as a coping mechanism. I often do when things are stressful. With the death of a good friend and a recent breakup I felt the need for something different. The cut was only the beginning. I want something a bit more drastic.

I always wanted to bleach my whole head. When I was in college I was only brave enough to do a single streak in the front. That was when I had my hair cut in a cutesy curly asymmetrical bob. The first time I had my hair shorter than shoulder length in almost a decade. My senior year of college I decided one late night during finals week to do a half shave and dye my hair a dark purple. A few months ago I did the same purple again, and it has since faded to a deeper brown as seen in the image above. Alas, I’m ready for a more fun replacement to act as a manifestation of this new stage of life.

I got this Prism Lites stuff in Violet to help get rid of the red tones in my hair along with a 30 volume stabilizing formula. It was recommended by the professional, so I assume it must be correct. If it doesn’t work out I can try dying it close to my natural color. If my hair is too damaged, then I will just have to cut it really short. It’s just hair. It’s just something to do to give me a sense of change. Something fun to play with artistically. Something I can control for now.

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