The Stats

I hate looking at the Stats on my WordPress dashboard. Not because I find them discouraging, but annoying. Taunting. I feel like it’s trying to quantify my worth. To tell me that this number of followers means you’re worth something to people, but because you are less than this bloggers followers, you are not worth as much as they.

Well damn. Look how much I care.

I suppose it makes sense from a design perspective. Most people use blogs to get information out there. Info about their cause. Info about themselves. Portfolios. Mission work. Charities. So I suppose if someone wants to be quantified then it makes sense. But what good does it do those of us who are just using this as therapy? It feels like a lurking monster trying to claw at me. Demanding my attention. Like I even need to pay attention to it?

I wish I could remove it from the options bar. That would feel freeing. Like there was one less piece of unthinking technology trying to tell me what to do. Thats the worst part I think. Knowing that I feel judged by something that is merely a design. I’m attributing human characteristic to a piece of unfeeling data, that is merely programed for my use as I so choose.

Why does that make me feel anything? Why do I feel like it’s this monstrosity of a piece of data? Is it not there for me? As a representation for what I could do but choose not to? Is that not enough to put my securities at bay? To sooth them?

I guess not, because thinking about it now really pisses me off.

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