“My man bought me roses!” she flaunted all over Instagram.

I shook my head.

She wasn’t the brightest person to ever post an image. She was the kind of girl that posted selfies of weird photos of herself, usually poorly lit ones or ones where she was making a face trying to look ugly. An unsure creature, who was trying desperately to find herself.

In this case I smiled and snickered after setting down my iPad. Her man had not bought her roses. They were Peonies. Either neither of them knew the difference, or she was being had. Thankfully, Peony Bouquets are more expensive than roses. He had to have dropped a wad on that bouquet of almost 20 huge blooms. All light pink. A beautiful variety. In my laughter of her not knowing the difference, I had to admire that someone was treating her well. While also being saddened by the fact that her lovely gift would eventually wither away and die for the price he paid for them.

At least they looked lovely and made her happy. So few people are happy about anything these days.

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