To Save a Cat III

By the end of yesterday, we decided we couldn’t keep the little kitty, we were now referring to as Min, and we sure couldn’t let her stay outside in the cold. We had spent a few hours on and off going out on the porch to pet her, each time she began trusting us more and more.
Last night she was so trusting of us she even followed us into the house, where we set up one of my cages for my kitty, and let her sleep her little heart away right by the heater. She purred all night, and drank about 3 bowls full of water. She ate anything we gave her.

She was too sweet to not have a home.

After I came home from work I announced to mom that I thought she would be better off in a forever home, and called the shelter to get info. Thankfully they don’t euthanize any animal that isn’t awfully sick or overly aggressive. Min was so snuggly by now I couldn’t imagine her not finding a home. Having gone from never being in a house to now sleeping in one with a fully tummy and without fear, I had no doubt that she would make a wonderful pet for someone with the time to give her proper attention.

We took her in the car and dropped her off. Letting them know we were calling her Min, and recounting the story of her arrival several months before, seemingly out of nowhere. She went right from our cage to the shelter cage. She nested herself in a blanket and ate every bit of food in her bowl and drank every last drop of water she was given. Her little claws dun I to the softness and she began purring as she did in front of the heater. You knew she wanted to be a house cat, just from how content she had become in her situation. She didn’t have to fear now. She was safe.

So that was that. I felt good about the decision. I felt good that she was no longer outside in the cold eating out of our dumpster. I didn’t have to worry that she crawled into my SUV engine or was going to get squished on the highway we live on. I didn’t need to worry that the dog was going to chase her and nip at her.

She was safe. It was all I could ask for.


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