To Save a Cat

When the weather started turning colder is when she began to show up. A tiny little tortoiseshell tabby with a nose very similar to my Shelby: orange on one side and a dark brownish tan on the other. Split right down the middle. They could be family I kept thinking to myself as I went outside and hear her quiet scolding. She wouldn’t let me touch her. But she would let us get awful close, which was almost heartbreaking to me, since I am so terribly fond of kitties.

The wind was blowing and causing the windows to hum. I let the dog out and hear her scolding with her repetitive mews. Kandy, my lab husky mix, hadn’t noticed. She was focused on running through the snow and peeing while keeping her paws from getting wet, which was her favorite hate.

The little kitty was hunkered close to the house, with snow swirling around her like deadly glitter. Her (usually cats with more than 3 colors are girls), eye were the same pale piercing green that my Shelby’s eyes were, and her little mew was heartbreaking when I felt the cold touch my face with its bite.

Foolishly I walked out to her hoping today would be the day she let me save her from the cold. My other would never let me have another cat after Oliver, but at the very least I could pack her up and take her to the shelter, where she would be warm. I was only wearing my ballet slippers and no coat, just a long tunic with leggings. She began to walk slowing out of my reach, scolding me for trying to touch her, but no such luck.

Kandy was running back and managed to chase her under my mothers car. She was not particularly fond of any cat that she had not been trained to leave unharmed. I ran out in the snow to keep Kandy from trying to crawl under the car. My feet found heir way into a snow drift and were frozen instantly, but I ignored it. I couldn’t live with myself if I had to watch a kitty die my the mouth of my dog, when I could have very well prevented it. I grabbed her collar and pulled her out from under he vehicle,dragged her through the snow, and pulled her inside the house with a strength I should have known I would have to save a cat, but was still surprised by.

Kandy got a scolding from me inside. Thankful that she had not gotten the creature and torn it to bits, I tapped her hindquarters in disapproval and she placed herself in her own kennel. It was her safe place. None of us could swat her in there, and it was cozy with her blanket rolled into a nest. I pulled off my wet slippers and placed my feet in front of the vent allowing the hot air to warm them. After a moment I sat on the couch. Heart racing.

Shelby greeted me. She rarely leaves my bedroom when others are up and about. His morning it was just me, no one else had made themselves known. She crept her way out of my room cautiously and found a sunbeam on the couch next to me. She flopped over and purred herself silly. I put my cold hands on her warm fur and snuggled her. Thankful that I had found her in her infancy before winter could take her tiny kitty breath from her, and I mourned that I couldn’t seem to find a way to catch that other little one to keep her safe.


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