Our Forefathers

“Your dad was telling me you were upset because your period is close.” He said rolling his eyes as he drove.

“Yeah, that’s my dad for you. Dismissive.”

“It’s like he doesn’t know he’s doing it.”

“It’s because he doesn’t baby. He has no idea he is doing it because it’s what he learned from people….probably from television.”

The sentence annoyed me in multiple ways. It annoyed me because that isn’t the type of thing a father should be telling his daughters boyfriend in the first place. It’s inappropriate. Second, because it’s the automatic excuse my father makes when he wants to dismiss the fact that something is innately upsetting. Especially if he is part of the problem. He never apologizes, and when he does he makes a specifically of it, like everyone should worship him for the act of apologizing. Everyone ought to pretend he’s a freaking saint. Third, because it’s considered sexual harassment and I could press charges.

The worst part is, they wonder why I’m such a feminist when I was raised in such a “socially conscious” household. Ugh!


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