The Problem with Selfies

You want to know what is upsetting to me about Instagram? My selfies get more likes than some of the tasteful and well composed photography I take does. Why? Because my face somehow has become the primary relevance of who I am, and not my accomplishments. It is as if the person I was born to look like, has become more important than the talent I have.

What will they love me for when I get old. They won’t. Not that it matters much. It’s upsetting how shallow they have become. How shallow I have become in wanting to take selfies. Who am I to share myself with people who don’t care to get to know me?

I’m considering removing all my selfies from my Instagram. I think it would be a real personal eye opener and challenge. It would require me to take more photos of things other than myself. It would also give me an idea as to how much of my Instagram profile consists of selfies versus images of other things. It might be a good exercise for me. I might actually learn something. I might actually do something with my life that way.

Or I might just have way more pictures of my cat than usual. I don’t know.


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