Blame of Gas Prices: A Boring Post and Boring Title

“I don’t hear anybody blaming Obama for low gas prices.” Her status read.

I wanted to post:
1) Grammatically it would be impossible to “blame” the President for a positive, because of the essence of the term “blame” by definition. Technicality.

2) The President has very little to no say in what OPEC does with oil production, so even if something were going terribly wrong with the economy because of fluctuating gas prices the President can only protest, but it changes nothing if those members of the Petroleum industry decide against his objections.

3) Lower gas prices can effect the global economy both positively and negatively depending on variables, and therefore it is difficult to say that lower gas prices are positive or negative, and therefore, there is no grounds to blame or affirm because outcomes are currently unpredictable.

Some people need to watch the news.


2 thoughts on “Blame of Gas Prices: A Boring Post and Boring Title

    • I think that plays into the superiority mentality partially. I think those people think America is such a great an influential nation, and it has been in the past and still can be. What they forget is we are not ultimately influential nor are we ultimately responsible for global affairs.

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