It isn’t very often that I get those kinds of messages. Honestly I didn’t realize that people paid that much attention to their Instagram followers to notice one is gone, much less which follower specifically is gone. But, I had stopped following him, and no more than a few moments later I got the message.

“Hey, noticed you unfollowed. Why?”

It was an account of poetry. But lately he kept posting text messages he sent a guy friend complaining about how he hasn’t been laid or kissed in two years. It was hard to respect a person who was so consumed with falling in love that they forgot to live a little. Not even that, but it was harder to respect a guy who didn’t even seem to want to fall in love, but just have sex with whatever would come his way. His account oozed desperation and he wrote nothing but love/sex poetry. It was getting obnoxious. So I told him what I thought. I told him I couldn’t respect a person who was not content alone or with someone. I told him that as strong as love or feeling in love was, there were other ways to love. I told him that his poetry was slipping in his desperation and his obsession would ruin his talent. He was going slack. Wasn’t as on top of things as he used to be. I was losing my ability to enjoy his account. So I was giving up.

Then immediately I blocked him. I didn’t want a reply. I didn’t want to be flirted with. I didn’t want to be told what a “bitch” I was. I didn’t want to deal with his desperate emotions and his desire to have sex with another human being. He was attention seeking. Any way he could get it. I wasn’t going to give it to him. I refused to feed that fire.

So that was it.


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