A Diffrent Kind of Halloween Horror Story…

I hadn’t heard the phone ring yet. My heart pounded in my chest from a combination of nervousness and caffein. Why did I drink coffee before a phone interview? I was kicking myself. I tried to play it cool. Perhaps this was normal? Perhaps she is usually late to make phone calls. Perhaps she didn’t do interviews well. Maybe she didn’t want to talk to me. Why wouldn’t she though? Was I not the only person to apply for this job? If I wasn’t the only one then who would out rank me and why?

This is a real Halloween horror story. Waiting for a phone call. The anxiety of waiting is consuming. You start wondering too much about how it all could go wrong. Maybe she called and my phone glitched? Maybe she didn’t dial the area code correctly (mine is different than the local one)? Maybe she just forgot in her hurry of trying to get the day over with so she could go home and get the kids ready for trick or treating? Did she even have kids?

Why was I worrying so much about all of this? Because I really want this job.

She was supposed to call at 3pm and I hadn’t heard anything. I just had to keep calm, and realize that if she didn’t call me it wasn’t my fault. Everyone had my information and she could call them to confirm the information if she couldn’t get through to me. It wasn’t my job to seek her out. I have no means in which to seek her out. All I know is I am sitting here waiting by the phone a half hour over the time we were supposed to have our phone interview.

May be I don’t want this job as much as I thought? I don’t know anymore. Which brings even more concerns about things. Welcome to adulthood, it’s scarier than the rest of Halloween.

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