My home has two social rooms. The first in the formal living room, which consists of two wing back chairs, a large floral couch, cherry stained furniture, lots of doilies, and a fireplace. The other consists of a large window, the television, too many TV trays, a green couch and one reclining chair….as well as plastic and unmudded dry wall.

Of the two rooms I enjoy spending time in the formal living room. Mostly because no one else seems to spend time in there. It’s quiet. There is no television (because I dislike television) and there is no clutter or mess. It’s a peaceful, and outrageously feminine looking atmosphere, which makes me feel a little more comfortable than sitting in a much smaller room full of loud commercials that I cannot stand, and story lines that are over done. Not to mention the fact that it is a room that is not constantly under construction.

Some people find it strange that I have a favorite room in the house that isn’t my own bedroom. To be perfectly honest I only like my bedroom for sleeping, but because my bedroom also acts as my office space, it loses a bit of an attraction for me. Then again, it is also the only room in the house that I can close the door to, even if it doesn’t keep people out. Needless to say I find it strange that some people don’t have a favorite room in their house at all. Some people like their whole house, which is fine I guess, but it just seems strange that there isn’t a place of comfort and solace in their space.

I mention that the Formal Living room is my favorite room, only because recently, as I was trying to introduce my cat Shelby to the rest of the house, it has become her favorite room as well. I can’t get her to go to any other part of he house, but my room and the formal living room…and she only goes into the formal living room when no one else is around. Which is what I kind of do too. If others are around I stay out of the way in my bedroom, which is exactly the same thing she does.

I guess this post is less about favorite rooms and more about developing habits. I am a very habitual person. I like to. Hold routines, and right now my life has so few that I feel as though I live in chaos. Having my cat spend more time with me has helped me build a few new routines, like bedtime. I actually go to bed at a consistent time, even if I can’t sleep, simply because if I don’t my cat gets anxious and becomes a brat. My mornings are a little less stressful because my cat acts as an alarm and wakes me up around 7am every morning if I am not awake earlier for work. Plus it is comforting to wake up next to a living creature who is soft and warm and fuzzy. Now, sitting in our favorite room of the house on the days I work later or my days off, has become a new routine. Something that keeps my spirit a little less restless and my mind a little more calm.

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