Boxes and Boxes

Only a day after having to put Oliver down, I was back at work. The closing shift, so it would be quiet. I was thankful. I needed to be kept busy.

I inquired about the number of packages that had come on truck for me. My manager threw out an outrageous number, and I laughed. He often does that. Tries to make it sound like I have so much to do when I have maybe a hand full of boxes.

He wasn’t lying.

With Christmas coming soon, retail employees have little to no free time on the floor. Much of the time we are so busy putting the new inventory away customers get angry that we don’t notice them at the counters. Thankfully, working in cosmetics means I can stay behind my counter and put things away! But that also means people often come to my counter to check out, because they can’t seem to find another associate to ring them up.

Needless to say, things were not exactly stress free.

I had a ton of new inventory, and very little space to place it. Much of it was gift sets, and I severely lacked shelving. I kept putting the sets on the counter. Just piling them up. I used up every sheet of adhesive security tags in the store…and I’m still not finished with truck to this day. I hope to complete it this afternoon, but with my counter partner gone to Florida this week, I have to deal with these last 102 boxes myself. Not to mention we now get a new shipment twice a week, so today I will have more inventory piling up. Hopefully less than 50 boxes, but it seems doubtful.

I like the idea of keeping busy, but this is going to be a whole new level of busy.


2 thoughts on “Boxes and Boxes

  1. Maybe a whole new level of busy is what you need. Where grief is concerned, anyway. Or depression. I find that when I have a giant task, but it’s clearly-defined, I appreciate the work much more than when I have a bunch of little things to do.

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