The 21 Things…

A friend of mine nominated me to do the 7 days of thankfulness thingy on Facebook, where you name 3 things every day you are thankful for for 7 days. Since I’m lazy, I’m just going to get them all in one go, and name off 21 things I am thankful for in one post. I’m not putting them in any particular order, just typing them as I go.

1) The ability to sweet talk my way out of doing this for 7 days by compromising and doing the same equivalent in one post.

2) I am really thankful for the fact that I was disciplined when I did things wrong as a child. People don’t realize how much damage it does to just let your kids do whatever they want, and I see how many of my friends turned out from parents who gave up being parents because they wanted to be their child’s friend.

3) I am thankful for good friends who nominate me for crap like this. Not because I actually enjoy doing it, but because it’s nice to know someone actually cares enough to think of me while they are thinking of thingies they are thankful for.

4) I am thankful for God and His grace. Because I am such a screw up, and life is hard, and He makes it worth living.

5) I am thankful for adversity, which has made me, my faith, and my problem solving skills much stronger over time.

6) I am thankful for sorrow, which without I would never know joy or understand my need for grace and the needs of other for grace. I suppose it helps me understand brokenness a little more and helps me understand the importance of loving and forgiving others.

7) I am thankful for my family, who has loved me and supported me through tons of crap, and put of with my shit for too long. 😉

8) Anime.

9) Steampunk.

10) Food. Because I love food and it is a privilege to never be hungry.

11) Water, which makes up quite a bit of my body and is surprisingly wonderful for recreation and nourishment.

12) Similarly to water, I am thankful for fog, because it’s just a big cloud that decided to come down to the ground to say hello, and thinking of it that way makes it way cooler.

13) I am thankful for my job. It may not be easy, but it is certainly a job and I am glad to have it.

14) I am thankful for my two kitties, whom I love.

15) Graphic design, because it makes the world a much cooler place visually when you understand why certain things look more appealing than others, and relationships colors have with one another in nature and advertising.

16) Music. I’m addicted.

17) Makeup, because it is a form of body art, as well as helps make me feel pretty and expressive.

18) Clothes, because I am fortunate enough to afford it.

19) Nakedness, for when I am sick of clothes and my body is in it’s natural state.

20) I am thankful for my loving and supportive boyfriend.

21) I am thankful for having the opportunities I have had as well as the education I received that no one can ever take from me.

Now, since you read all 21, I nominate you to write a post of the 21 things you are thankful for and title it “The 21 Things…” No obligation of course, but it would be cool to make this a thing and help us realize what we truly are thankful for.


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