“Are you the only one in the department?”

“Yes I am. I will be with you in a moment.”

“Well this seems poorly managed.” She tapped the glass and acted coldly towards me. Like I was supposed to drop my consultation for her every whim.

“Only the opinion of some.” Yeah I said it. Proudly too. I hoped she got pissed off. I made her wait. It wasn’t going to kill her.

What I really enacted to say:

Really? Really? Poorly managed? What is poorly managed is your sense of entitlement. If you have somewhere to be, then go be there and quit buying shit that probably won’t work for your angry face. I suppose you didn’t know that emotional state and attitude affect your skin too did you. You wouldn’t though. I’m the expert on that aren’t I?

Also, let’s talk about this poor management issue. I have a manager coming in this afternoon to take a shift that isn’t hers because of an employee who decided to pull a no show quit last month. The manager taking over has been working so hard for people like your sorry ass, that she hasn’t even had time to schedule interviews with potential employees. So forgive me if I come across as rude, when I say it’s not the managements fault. But, please, be offended when I tell you the truth about yourself and remind you that your demanding consumerism is the very thing that causes sweatshops, abuse, and poverty all over the world. Look it up and shut up. You need a good slap in the face. You think reality is hard, you’ll have a rude awakening by the time I’m done with your sorry ass.

Tap the glass of my counter all you like. I know your type. The ones who try to manipulate the scene, making everyone uncomfortable so that even the other customers relent their place in line of service out of sympathy for me, so you can get your way. Don’t come in here all high and mightily when I am working with a customer, demanding my attention, thinking that your time is he only thing that is important. I have two other customers here bitch. One is a Bride with a wedding this afternoon who needs her makeup done. You are, and will forever be, second fiddle to a bride. Besides, she scheduled her appointment. What have you done for the sake of our convenience lately?

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Fuck off lady.


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