Rest Less

I’m sleepless once again.
It isn’t like a normal restless though.
This feels deeper.
It’s is like my soul is trying to make me feel something,
but isn’t quite sure how.
I don’t know weather or not I should cry,
or scream,
or laugh
or whisper “Goodnight, I love you,”
to a world trying to rest it’s self without me.
I wish to release this restless feeling,
or at least borrow another feeling in exchange for it.
Just for tonight.
Tonight I want peace.
Tonight I want rest.
Tonight I want to wrap my own skin around my soul
and let it rest soundly within this dying body.
To let the decay of my body nourish the growth of this restless soul
until it awakens free from the grasp of mortality.
I no longer wish for bones to cage it.
I no longer want this flesh to subdue it.
I no longer wish to be barricaded inside this body
that buffers me from feeling the most pure of emotions.
I want to be alive forever in my most pure form.
But for now, I just want to sleep, dormant within myself.
I want,
for once,
for everything to feel quiet.
But right now the restless
will rest less,
feeling that deep stirring within.


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