Nothing’s, Something’s, and Everything’s

They had no words to say. Nothing came out. Nothing to say. Nothing to move. Nothing to do. Everything was nothing. Nothing was everything. Yet thoughts, twirled and moved as if they had been everything, yet they became nothing. Devoid of importance. Dictated by fate, yet destined to doom. How was it that we lived? Died? Felt? All for the nothing that became everything?

Yet in that nothing there was a something. A something that whispered into the void and created other something’s. Bred little something to become other something’s that trickled down into the creases of our brains. Giving us sight and sound. Giving us something that would become our everything. But those something’s crept in so softly. So unnoticed that hearts and minds, thinkers and feelers, could put no words to it. So they perceived it as nothing, when it was the beginning of everything.

Thus everyone lost everything to nothing.


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