The Cover Letter I Wish I Could Send

To whom it may concern,

I wasn’t raised to gloat about myself to strangers I do not know, so I will forewarn, I probably suck at writing cover letters. Not that I don’t talk about myself at all, but it’s honestly difficult for me to appreciate my accomplishments, when I know there are probably a million different ways I could have done it better, given more time and feedback. I’m a deeply thoughtful self critic.

I suppose I should give a better introduction that that. I’m Emily. I’m a graphic designer seeking employment. I have a tendency to be a workaholic, because I genuinely enjoy keeping busy. I love food (both cooking and eating), interesting people, writing, reading, crafting, kayaking, and long walks on the beach when there are huge thunderstorms over the water.

That sounded too much like a dating ad, so let me start over.

I wanna work for you. Like, super badly. Retail has been nice for a while, and I don’t mind the atmosphere at all. I get along well with my coworkers everywhere I go. I’m great with customer service and personal PR. I’m super organized, and keep things neat and clean always. I keep track of the work of others in my department (which is why I am a manager now), and know all the deals and promotions at every counter, even if they are not my own. I just feel it is important to let the customer know their options. But alas, retail just isn’t my place anymore.

I miss design studios. I miss the low gargle of headphones played almost too loud so the rest of us in the space can hear it. I miss the hum of operating Macs, and the pings of e-mail notifications (I fall asleep to them at night. Like a lullaby). I miss the tapping of keyboards and the slight tinge of stress that I felt trying to accomplish tasks before the deadline (In the past I was notorious for being quick and efficient, handed materials for a project only hours before it needed to be in the printers inbox, and being able to complete it in time). I thrive on that kind of stress. It’s like a desk job adrenaline rush, and I’m somewhat of an adrenaline junky (Unless it’s stress caused by a tornado or something. Then I freak out and run to the basement crying…there is a story behind that…and it’s a long story).

I’m also a master of parenthetical statements (in case you haven’t noticed).

Long story short, I think I could be good for you. For your company. I can bring a little sunshine to your work environment with my quirky and colorful personality. I can offer you an excellent employee who knows her Adobe suite programs, works hard, and has excellent turn around time for projects. I can offer you a detail oriented, workaholic, who lives for design, desk jobs, offering thoughtful feedback on projects, takes criticism with grace and humility, and wants to work in creative spaces. All I ask is you provide these things. The feedback and criticism, the stress, and the creative space for me to work in.

Brutally And Honestly,

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