The Accident


After flight for life left and the police had finished there report, she came inside. The afternoon was much more exciting and terrifying than we had imagined. I stayed out of the way. It was not a situation that I was willing to handle for long. I was glad it was over.

The driver was distraught. Kicking himself that he hadn’t seen the kid. The kid kicking himself he hadn’t seen what the driver was doing.

The track of the helicopter is still imprinted in the soft ground of our

The motorcyclist was thrown into our yard. He had been conscious the whole time. Talking to those who were around him. Combative even, not sure what happened and unsure why he was in a ditch. As far as I know he lived. He seemed to be okay while trying to push people off of himself. Kid had spunk.

Thankfully he was wearing a helmet.

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