The Skinny


I was absolutely livid as I looked at the woman on the screen. A fuller figure yes, but plus size. I was shocked. Irritated. Pissed off. Then I got even more so, when they said her dress size. Size 10. My dress size. What the hell!?!?

I don’t think I’m gunna watch, Say Yes to the Dress ever again.

I spent that night on my room scissor kicking my caffeine high away attempting to sleep. I couldn’t get over it. I turned on my light and looked at my figure in the mirror. Pulling up my shirt to leave nothing hidden. It was true. My stomach almost stuck out further than my boobs. It had gotten bigger since the last time I looked at it. Rolls were forming. I wasn’t happy about it.

This morning I fast walked a mile in 20 minutes. Ate toast and Special K cereal. The protein kind. A yoghurt to help take care of my low blood sugar. Drank a large glass of water. Looked at th inspiration and exercise tips online.

Now I lay here, dissatisfied with my appearance.


3 thoughts on “The Skinny

  1. You’re beautiful, love. Inside and out! So don’t. DON’T. Don’t let them get those ideas into your head. I will call you and serenade you about how gorgeous and awesome you are, if you don’t believe me. ❤

    • I do believe you. It’s more frustrating and aggravating than hurtful really. I’m at the point I’m more disappointed in them than me. Still, it makes one think about lifestyle, and how I do have to get my diabetes under control to help with all these problems, which is even more disappointing thinking I let myself go for so long without proper care.

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