Bar Life


“What do you do?”

“I’m a perfume counter girl by day. Graphic designer by night.”

“That’s hot.” He responded a little inebriated.

“That’s kind of an awkward response.” I retorted sipping my beer and playing the drum solo of Dragonforce , Through the Fire and Flames as it blasted from the bar speakers. He sat back in his chair confused. I sipped on my Bud Light. One of two I drank all night. I was very content. Needed no attention. Wanted no attention. Just was relaxing with my dear friend and coworker as we figured out life and personal crisis together.

I don’t frequent bars much. Mainly because I don’t drink much, and I never seem to fit into the scene. They talk about sex, and I’m a virgin. They talk about drugs, and I haven’t done them. They talk about drinks, and I don’t know many of those either. They played bar games and I sat each one out, not feeling like taking shots of anything. I felt both isolated as well as welcome. A refreshing piece of the scene. Someone new, but so different from the usual. Anonymous. Unexpected.

“You should hear her vocabulary! Have her tell you a story!” My coworker explained, tipsy, but happily so. So I told a few stories. Real life ones, because they are the best and usually the most absurd. By 11pm I was ready to go. I called my mom to let her know I was on my way, and to apologize if she was up late waiting for me. When I got home it was dark. She was asleep. I called my boyfriend and crawled in bed. It was a new experience. I had me found a new island to build….if I decided I wanted to build it. Still unsure, but we will see.


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