Literary Love Affair


One of the difficulties of having a busy lifestyle is that you have a very limited amount of time to read any kind of literary material. And as nice as blogs, Buzzfeed, and Facebook are for skimming articles sometimes what you need is something a little bit more challenging and thought provoking that helps you weed through the uninformed crap online.

At the end of my college career, I went through my books, wading through the ones I love, and searching for the books I have purchased and had yet to read, or half read. I sorted through several boxes, and lovingly put my favorites away. Packing them neatly in plastic tupperwear containers in my basement. Holding back tears. I took the ones I had yet to complete and organized the bookshelf that now stands closely snug against my bed. Either I would stare at them until I got pissed off I hadn’t read them, or they would remain on that shelf, taunting me.

For a while, my desire for knowledge and challenging thought was assuaged by music. I could spend hours listening without need of another media. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of music on iTunes trying to discover new bands, new genres of music and even some thought-provoking podcasts. So, as I kept waiting for my internet to buffer the streaming music (which can take a while and get pretty annoying), I found myself pulling those books from the shelves, covered in a thin, but obvious layer of dust. Embarrassingly so. Sad I hadn’t touched them in so long.

Like a neglected lover they almost quivered in my hand.

Today I found myself reading Killing the Black Body by Dorothy Roberts. A feminist work that speaks on the history of the fight for reproductive liberty for African American women, both as the right to abort as well as the right to give birth. I had forgotten altogether I had even owned such a work. It’s moving, challenging to my beliefs, and overall I am loving every moment of critical thinking it has caused me.

Though I must admit, it makes me emotionally drained.

This has been a new experience for me, not because I haven’t loved reading, but because I usually traded it for music any day, thinking my brain wouldn’t be able to hold the information of the literature, while also absorbing the lyrics of the music I am attempting to discover. I have a strange love affair with music. I often get aggravated at the lack of diversity in the American Top 40. I also can get sick of certain artists and songs, because I tend to play them to death…and so does the radio.

Lately I have been on a heavy rock and metal kick. Nightwish is pretty good. The older stuff. Also liking Hammerfall. We will see how that goes. I digress.

So now I’m back to my love affair with reading. Perhaps it is merely a summer fling? Perhaps not. I cannot say. I am impulsive and difficult that way. All I know is lately my mind wants to expand like it did in the days of college. When we could sit at our table in the dining hall and have deep discussions about philosophy, theology, social events, and social justice. I desire knowledge much more than entertainment lately. Much more than emotional stimulation. I’m tired from so much emotional trauma I inflict upon myself.

Maybe I should re-read my psychology text book?

Feel free to suggest music artists as well. I’m kinda running out of patients with Genius Recommendations on iTunes.


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