Soar Throat Remedies


It’s 4:30 am, and I trying to sleep, but my throat feels like it’s on fire right? So what do I do? Call my wonderful boyfriend to complain about it, then attempt to try remedies to make my throat feel less like the burning hellfire of Mount Doom in Mordor.

I began with an old fashioned remedy: marshmallows. It worked for a little bit, but not very long. The pain came back in a little less than. A half hour.

Next I tried gargling salt water in warm water. Gross, but again a little helpful. Even added two drops of clove oil as a natural antiseptic and pain remedy, again gross, but again helpful….but only for about an hour. Also when I garbled there was a little bit of blood in the sink. The idea of open soars in the back of my throat was a little much for me.

Great. Just great.

I’m trying a remedy I found on Pinterest. It consisted of warm water, two table spoons of honey two tablespoons of vinegar (Apple cider or regular white vinegar),2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and some cinnamon to taste. I kinda like the flavor, and would definitely use this as a tea alternative. When It hits the back of my throat though, it kinda burns a bit, but feels soothing thereafter.

Not sure how much all this will help, but in an attempt to get some much needed rest, I figured anything was worth a shot right? If you have any good remedies for soar throat, feel free to comment them, I am always open to suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Soar Throat Remedies

  1. I usually try to drink something hot (but not too hot) and salty. Sometimes I make some chicken broth and add a little extra garlic salt or garlic powder, whichever we have handy, because the garlic helps with the pain. The salt is supposed to help with infection.

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