Cat People


They always say
That people who own cats
Are at a higher rate
Of also having
Mental illness

No shit

Every cat owner goes into it knowing
Their cat is the equivalent of a bipolar teen
Running on borrowed time
Chasing shoe strings
Living nine lives
Like it was only one

Then again cat owners themselves
Are time bombs
To be willing to live with a cat
Knowing a day will come
When that ball of fluff will turn on them
Paranoid of the day
When war will break out
When a knife in the back
Becomes a claw in the hand

But cat owners thrive on stress
Find freedom in the cold shoulder
The isolation from the living creature they love
Is the object of their affection
The loneliness
Is their muse
Their beauty
Their obsession


Because cats behave so much
Like apathetic humans
And so many of us could only wish
To become like a cat
To bathe in sunbeams
To glow in our own self absorption
To not heed the words of mice or men

So we who are broken
Are drawn to this ideal
To be comfy and cold
To be adored but at a distance
To be beautifully isolated


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