“You look exhausted. Did you stay up late.”

“No, just….too many people.”

I walked inside and laid on my bed. More than 18 girls showed up to the women’s luncheon. My brain had been over stimulated, my stomach stuffed with too much food, and my face in pain from smiling too much. I enjoyed my time. I enjoyed the food. The company. The messages on Christian womanhood each speaker gave. But after a day of forcing myself to be social, I was worn to the bone. Tired. Depressed that I was so tired on a day off where I ought to be doing more. Taking advantage of my freedom from retail and enjoying myself. But no. All I wanted to do was crawl in bed and nap.

In my head I cursed society for working us so hard for us only to work harder on our days off. Working harder to have fun. Sounds silly right? But everybody does it. The preparation for day trips. The time spent in the car driving to destinations where we either are thrown into shopping and social affairs. Or the kind of duties that couldn’t be addressed until a day off was given, like housework, or girls night out, or visiting relatives. We work in offices, on sales floors, in trucks and heavy machinery, or factories, and then what? We go home, but never stay home.

I had made plans the next day. I knew I would enjoy them. I knew after I enjoyed them I would be tired. I knew the next day I would work. So tonight. I plan to go to bed early, after a relaxing shower. Right now….I will nap for an hour.


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