On the Topic of Mulan….I Just Wanna Say….


If there is anything I dislike about people who claim to be Disney fans (of which I am one, because of the extremely well presented marketing structure of Disney, it’s quality story telling, and it’s beautiful design and animation), it is their continual reference to Mulan as a “Disney Princess.”


Guys she wasn’t a princess. She was a woman from a fairly well respected (though somewhat waning in respect) family, fighting to improve the honor and quality of life for her family, (particularly her father) because she felt she was not suitable for a man as was customary to her culture. She sacrificed her desire to fit into her femininity by giving it up to become a male warrior.

So bad ass.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a princess, but you take away one of her greater attributes: she was an ordinary woman with extraordinary dedication, collectivist ideals, and strength. She had no royal power. No large scale influence. She wasn’t trying to save the whole world or even the whole country, but just trying to bring further honor to her struggling family in a manner that she thought to be the best alternative. She wasn’t looking to be a hero. She feels like such a real character. Because I think too many people become heroes, when they weren’t looking to become one.

That is all.


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