Awake Too Early and Writing


Emotionally, my yesterday was rough. Today, I don’t feel much different. My heart aches missing him. So much so that I spent $35 to get my nails done so I felt prettier and therefore better about myself. It helped very little as all monetary attempts at happiness do. My body is tired from working both jobs yesterday. I have to waitress again today until who knows when, depending on how busy it is.

I’m awake far too early right now.

Some people in my life are not taking to the idea I might end up in the Pacific Northwest someday. Giving it some time. They fear I will never be able to see them again, because their funds and mine will be lacking in the future. Like they know I for sure I won’t get a good job somewhere that will make me a decent amount of money and I’ll be poor all my life. Please. I am not concerned about it really. One day they will come around. Right now they just think I’m having a post vacation high, and it will pass. I’m afraid I’m too stubborn to let this pass. I’ve made my decision.

Though maybe I should have waited a bit longer to tell them my plans.

Perhaps I will write you a much more interesting post later. Perhaps not. Maybe not until tomorrow. Not so sure yet.


3 thoughts on “Awake Too Early and Writing

  1. Clearly those people don’t know how awesome the Pacific Northwest is. Spread your wings, Neon Pegasus. (I was gonna say You go, Girl. But that seemed more appropriate.)

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