Long Distance


I took care to go over the outfits in my head. Am I missing anything? Outfit for Easter Sunday is in there. Chill outfits. Outfits for the cold. Skinny jeans. T shirts. Got underwear and socks. I looked at the purple luggage, nearly bursting with clothing, but thankfully weighing less than 50 pounds. My carry-on was not yet packed. I would wait until Tuesday night to pack that.

It feels surreal. I’ve not gone on a trip by myself, much less on a plane. I have never flown by myself. There I was. Preparing for an adventure all my own. I was glad I left him in charge of the itinerary. I was hardly able to keep track of my own confined belongings in my purple luggage. I didn’t want to plan one more thing.

Only 4 days or so. Then I would see him again. After 8 months long distance, I would get two weeks of him all to myself.

I really hope I don’t miss my flight.


4 thoughts on “Long Distance

  1. You probably don’t need that many clothes for 2 weeks. Make sure your clothes mix / match / layer for multiple outfits and also to control temperature variation. That said, who cares about clothes when you’re with the best person in the world?

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