Fall in Love


Maybe someday
Someone will look at you
With such a deep understanding
Of everything you are
And they will let you know
You mean the world to them
And you will never
Want to let that go
No matter how boring
Or hard
Your lives will be together
That day may come
Or it may not
But you must be willing
To wait for it
And let it come to you
Because the beautiful life hinges
On your ability to stand still
And not scare it away
Your ability to approach it
With sincerity and honesty
With the kindness and care
They deserve
Because they want to give you
Everything you deserve
Even if they cannot
Give it all to you at once
So my child
Quit wandering
Quit looking for something better
Quit pimping out your heart
For instant gratification
That can murder your insight
Give up your selfishness
And let yourself
Fall in love for once


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