One Weird Love Story


“What the hell?!?!”

“Oh my God! What are you doing here?”

Two aisles over the joyous greeting I overheard startled me. Nobody gets this excited in a Walgreens. Nobody. I know. I spend a great deal of time at Walgreens. I keep listening in to the man and woman as they speak.

“I work here!”

“You live around here too?”

“Yeah! You visiting someone?”

” Yeah my brother lives up here! Oh hang on a sec. Dude get over here this is the woman I married in Florida that night I got so drunk I wrecked the rental Mustang!”

I almost audibly laughed. Oh to be the fly on the wall of that bar. Two young adults, who hardly knew each other. Falling in love while drunk and getting married. Whether it was because of the near death accident or before the wrecking of the Mustang I didn’t know. They had suddenly become quiet. Probably in closer proximity. I moved an aisle closer to see if I could hear anything.

The gist of the story was just as I had suspected. The man had met her in the early evening at a bar, and they got drunk together. Flipped a car together. Had a one night stand together. Got married the next day by a justice of the peace, then never saw each other again. No divorce needed. One day they just split ways. Two young people looking for something to believe in. Years later, just reuniting….and fondly so. Sounded like he was convinced he should move closer. How hopelessly romantic. Oddly so, but romantic none the less. People are so fascinating to me.

I walked over to the cosmetic section as she and he neared the door. He paid for his merchandise and they chatted. He kissed her on the lips before he walked out the door. Passionately. The kind that was sweet for them, but uncomfortable for those of us eaves dropping. The match of their love was struck again. Flames grew brighter and you could almost feel the heat of their love as the sparks flew. Oh that reminds me I need to pick up matches too. I could only hope it was love and not something else. I could only hope they were really staying together this time. I silently prayed for their relationship while looking at primers.

I watched him grab a real estate paper from one of the free bins as the automatic doors closed behind him. She was shaking her head looking at one of her coworkers in disbelief. Throwing up her hands she stated to no one in particular “It’s gotta be fate right?”

I smiled. It was all strangely beautiful. I was so happy to have witness it.

My name was announced over the speaker. My prescription was ready. Life went back to normal.


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