You’re Too Far Away Day


Valentines Day is odd. Even for a Hallmark holiday. I mean, think about it. A Saint gets his heart cut out (or put to death in some odd way) so we send lovey card to one another and offer food items shaped like hearts to one another. Eating hearts. Yum.

People have lots of odd celebrations for things. When I went to college we celebrated Santa Lucia. A holiday where a young woman got run through with a sword for refusing to marry a man who went deliberately against God, and so he….well you know….had her run through with a sword. So we’d have a differently themed dance every year. It seemed appropriate. I imagine she might have been conservative enough to think dancing was a sin…so it also was ironic.

I digress.

I had always preferred the term Singles Awareness Day. I liked it because it made the reality of the holiday and the strangeness of it feel real. But there are others who are unsung on such a day as this. Of them I am an identifying member. So recently I had also come to adopt (and by adopt I mean coined my own term) for such a day as this.

You’re Too Far Away Day.

You’re Too Far Away Day. It’s much like Valentines Day. Only in addition to sending each other cute cards and professing your love to one another, you would also find ways to complain about how far away you were from one another. Ask each other when you’re going to come visit. And break each others hearts knowing that the practicality of seeing one another was not possible at this point.

My boyfriend and I practice this day all the time in just this fashion. Long distance relationships can be draining, and hard work, but not impossible. Sometimes you have to fight it with humor. Sometimes you fight it by fighting and making up. Sometimes you fight it by recalling all the good times you spent closer….assuming you ever spent time closer. Also assuming the time you spent closer was , in fact, good.

I suppose I write this post not as a movement (though I would enjoy it if it trended on Twitter), but as an awareness that sometimes, Valentines Day is almost a mockery of love. Why do we need a day to show our appreciation of the ones we love, when we could be doing it all the time? Are we really that shallow and selfish, that we need Hallmark to make up a holiday for us to be selfless?

I suppose so.


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